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What We Do

Our mission is to apply science-based solutions and use evidence-based best practices to solve today’s most pressing social issues to improve quality of life.

Why we’re different

With many of our proof of concept programs focused in marginalized neighborhoods in west Florida, our aim is to develop innovative yet practical approaches that are replicable, scalable and adaptable to specific needs and opportunities of communities around the world to positively affect societal problems, and serve the needs and aspirations of its members for the public benefit of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to apply research, knowledge and expertise in order to elevate quality of life, advance social justice and human equality, and add value to issues affecting humanity for the benefit all people.

Our Values


We believe in a just and fair society. Everything we do is oriented toward the welfare of others and society as a whole.

We believe in the importance of scientific knowledge, research, evidence and facts and the importance in applying these to help others and improve the world.

We value quality of life for humans, and the environment that sustains them, now and for future generations.

We value diversity and have respect for all communities and cultures.

We value democratic practices, secular education, free inquiry, and humanistic philosophy and ethics.

We value cooperation and collaboration and believe in working together to help others and to improve the world.

We value inclusivity and believe that first and foremost every human being deserves the same rights and respect.

We value integrity and professionalism and operate within a framework of accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

We value an understanding of cultural evolution and believe we can learn from our history, to improve our future.

We value innovation and creativity and believe that we can all contribute to improving the world in which we live.