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Historical Overview

EI’s participation in workshops from inception to 2023:


# Year Title Location
1 2008 Early Childhood Education University of Miami
2 2009 Risky Adolescent Behavior University of Arizona
3 Nature of Regulation National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
4 2010 Neighborhoods and Play Binghamton University
5 2011 Nation Building and Failed States Stanford University
6 Ethics After Darwin DePauw University
7 Evonomics Workshop I National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
8 Evolutionary Mismatch I National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
9 Darwinian Medicine Stanford University
10 Quality of Life University of Memphis
11 2012 Evonomics Workshop II National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
12 Rules as Genotypes in Cultural Evolution Indiana University
13 Evolutionary Mismatch II National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
14 Cooperative Businesses Co-operatives UK, Manchester
15 2013 Evolution & Education II American Education Research Association
16 Social Solidarity Practitioners Forum Geneva
17 QoL & Cooperative Workplaces Tampa
18 Norway Project I University of Oslo
19 Evonomics Workshop III National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
20 Evolutionary Mismatch III National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
21 2014 Norway Project II University of Oslo
22 Complexity and Evolution Ernst Strüngmann Forum, Frankfurt
23 Culture & Evolution I University of Maryland
24 2015 Norway Project III University of Oslo
25 Culture & Evolution II University of Maryland
26 Evonomics IV National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
27 2016 Norway Project IV University of Oslo
28 Early Learning Tampa
29 2017 Norway Project V University of Oslo
30 2018 Enacting the Right to Housing Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
31 2019 Strategic EI Visioning Boothbay Harbor, ME
32 EI & MC Search Summit Mondragón, Spain
33 Territorial Development Diagnosis Pasco County, FL
34 2020 Creating a 21st Cent. Soc. Solidarity Econ. Via Zoom (Mondragón, Spain)
35 2022 21st Century Worklife & Industrial Org BI Business School, Oslo
36 EI Collaboration with Mondragón entities Mondragón, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Spain
37 2023 Democracy from the Bottom Up Warsaw
38 2023 EI Collaboration w/ Mondragon Univ Mondragón, Spain