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Evolution is supposed to adapt organisms to their environments, but the human species seems bent upon its own destruction. Everyone is familiar with the drumbeat of potential calamities: violent conflict…weapons of mass destruction…overpopulation…economic collapse…extreme inequality…environmental degradation….
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Urban Initiative featured on KQED’s Mind/Shift

A project of the EI’s Urban Initiative was recently featured on KQED’s education forum, Mind/Shift. East Tampa’s Bible Truth Ministries Academy, the product of a long-term relationship between the EI, Pastor Dan Dean, and his wife, Suzette, is built on two foundational principles: a biblically based code of behavior that emphasizes personal respect and research from evolutionary science about how children really learn “in the wild.” As a result, the K-12 Academy has mixed-age classrooms and an emphasis on collaboration instead of competition that extends to the entire community. We look forward to the future fruits of the EI-Bible Truth Ministries collaboration, including an expanded community center with childcare services that will expand economic opportunities for East Tampa residents.

Animation about SESHAT databank wins a top prize

The “Cultural History Database Initiative” refers to a broad set of projects, including the EI-hosted Seshat Databank  and the SSHRC-funded Database of Religious History (DRH). An animation describing these projects and their ambitious goal of consolidating disparate information about human culture was one of five top projects in the annual SSHRC Storytellers’ Contest. We are proud of the diverse collaborations that have generated this growing body of knowledge and the predictions it will help researchers make about humanity.

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