Applying evolutionary science to pressing social issues--
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The Evolution Institute: A Think-Tank That Doesn’t Just Think:

We Think
We undertake original research both theoretical and applied; we hold workshops with leading scientists from around the globe; we publish in leading journals to share information and to advance the sciences.
We Say
A quiet voice is not heard. Though our own media outlets, our workshops, and our direct communications, the voices of sciences are heard in an effort to influence policy and program decisions that can lead to a better quality of life.
We Do
Applied work provides the laboratory to improve quality of life. Combining theoretical work with best practices and working in collaboration with practitioners, we create models that can empirically demonstrate the value of applying this science.
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Risky Adolescent Behavior
The dominant scientific paradigm for explaining these high-risk behaviors can be termed the mental health model, which assumes (implicitly if not explicitly) that harsh social environments adversely affect children’s wellbeing, promoting disturbances in development, even if not clinical disorders per se. This model emphasizes the costs and largely ignores the benefits of risk-taking, making it difficult to explain the motives for risky behavior in adolescents.
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Examining Real-World Issues through a Scientific Lens

EI uses evolutionary science to address real-world problems by providing evolutionary context for a better understanding of the issues we encounter in everyday life. EI’s objective is to use biological and social sciences to both inform and improve the communities in which we live and interact with one another.

Evolution Institute founder talks Bernie Sander and Nordic Exceptionalism

“I think that [Bernie Sanders] has been doing a wonderful job of making people aware that there’s something that’s really important and positive that’s happened historically in these Nordic countries,” says Jerry Lieberman, co-founder of the Evolution Institute, an international scientific think tank. “They have evolved to be more caring counties, and nations where people really matter, nations that are more fundamentally democratic than our own political system. That’s a wonderful thing. He has almost legitimized (something) that in the past has been dismissed outright as homogenous and small counties.”