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The Evolution Institute: A Think-Tank That Doesn’t Just Think:

We Think
We undertake original research both theorectical and applied; we hold workshops with leading scientists from around the globe; we publish in leading journals to share information and to advance the sciences.
We Say
A quiet voice is not heard. Though our own media outlets, our workshops, and our direct communications, the voices of sciences are heard in an effort to influence policy and program decisions that can lead to a better quality of life.
We Do
Applied work provides the laboratory to improve quality of life. Combining theorectical work with best practices and working in collaboration with practitioners, we create models that can empirically demonstrate the value of applying this science.
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New Education Webinar – What does Evolutionary Science tell us about how to engage young minds?

As part of the Evolution Institute’s Urban & Education Initiative and its Education Brown Bag Series, Dr. Gabrielle Principe will filter how we educate young children through the lens of human evolution.

You can watch the webinar here!

Evolution Institute at Panel in Oslo, Norway

On Friday September 25th, The Evolution Institute‘s David Sloan Wilson and Jerry Lieberman were featured in a panel in Oslo, Norway to discuss societal development from a scientific viewpoint. In cooperation with the Norwegian think tank Tankesmien Agenda, they discussed, along with other experts from Norway, the Norwegian model with an evolutionary context.

You can watch the video of the panel in Oslo here: