Norway – The final evolutionary step?

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 On Friday September 25th, The Evolution Institute invites you to look at societal development from a scientific viewpoint. In cooperation with the Norwegian think tank Agenda, we will place the Norwegian model into an evolutionary context: Is Norway the final step on the evolutionary ladder?

Below is the agenda for the Panel, and links to articles and video recordings of some previous presentations explored in this ongoing Evolution Institute project.

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David Sloan Wilson, Professor at Binghampton University, Guest Lecturer at SUM/UiO, President of The Evolution Institute
Dr. Jerry Lieberman, Co-founder of The Evolution Institute
Marte Gerhardsen, Director of Agenda
Nina Witoszek, Research Director at the Centre for Development and the Environment at Oslo University
Bård Vegard Solhjell, Deputy Leader of the Socialist Left Party
Stefan Heggelund, Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party


Is Norway the best that evolution has to offer?
Is the Norwegian model under pressure, and is it possibly outdated?
How does the future look with Norway’s current model, and what can be improved?
Is the Norwegian model worth fighting for?


Lars Gule Evolution Institute Norway’s history 20131012

Norway Gule_Bird’s-eye view of Norway’s history

How an evolutionary perspective can help the world, Bjørn Grinde

A Bird’s-Eye View of Norway’s History, Lars Gule

Scandinavian Equality Evolving, Kalle Moene

Cultural Origins of the Norwegian Regime of Goodness: the role of “Memes”, Nina Witoszek

The Relevance of Ultrasociality to Understanding Norway’s Economic Evolution, John Gowdy and Lisi Krall

What do Norwegians think? Values and attitudes in a wealthy social democracy, Ingrid Storm


Jerry Lieberman’s opening remarks (transcript) for the workshop.

Video recording of the presentation by Dag Hessen

Video recording of the presentation by Lars Gule

Video recording of the presentation by David Sloan Wilson

Video recording of the presentation by Nina Witoszek


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Published On: September 17, 2015

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