Hit songs tap into our psychological drives.

September 25, 2011 One Comment

Steve Platek taks with psychologist Dr. Gordon Gallup (SUNY Albany) about his research in music from an evolutionary perspective. Does music tap into our evolved psychology shaped for reproductive fitness?

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Published On: September 25, 2011

One Comment

  • secularholyman.com says:

    Spadrel with benefits?
    A stretch and then a leap, I know, but I was wondering if there was a benefit across species for those testicles being so exposed?  The less fit animals might tend to lose them.
    (Problem with anecdotes aside) I was reading about a chimp raiding party who left the victim without scrotum among other things.
    My thought is they’re kind of “out there.”  The male who isn’t healthy enough to hang onto them might be a candidate for deletion from the gene pool.

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