Special Reports
This collection of essays demonstrates how evolutionary theory can produce a comprehensive, meaningful science of education.
This special edition presents the complicated story about the application of Darwinian thinking to public policy over a number of articles and interviews which discusses the misuse of evolutionary theory as well as acknowledging false accusations and the omission of benign uses of evolutionary theory.
An Evolutionary Approach to Environment and Development
The Sudd wetland is potentially the greatest economic asset in South Sudan and if properly managed could provide income, jobs, and irreplaceable ecosystem services indefinitely. This report introduces the concept of an evolutionary path toward sustainability and the advantages of long-range planning and comprehensive public policies.
A Deep Look at its Lessons to Help Us to Improve Our Society
This special report presents research from leading thinkers on the secrets of Norway’s success and how to apply these lessons to help our society.
This View of Life Magazine Special Report
This Special Edition features a diverse collection of articles on evolutionary psychology by proponents, critics, and scientists, with the aim to clarify the subject for everyone, from experts to the general public.
An Evolution Institute Report on Socially Responsible Businesses
Can businesses do well by doing good? Yes, according to this report headed by EI President David Sloan Wilson. The report provides a much needed alternative to the “Greed is Good” philosophy of orthodox economic theory, which has dominated the curriculum of business schools for over 50 years.