Urban Initiative

The Urban Initiative is a long-term commitment to identifying and evolving more viable systems for healthy human sustenance and development: including education, economics, and public and private support.

URBAN INITIATIVE OBJECTIVES  By the end of three years we will have established and documented a model that facilitates the creation of a viable approach to resident-driven community improvement.  In order to get there, we are developing a multiyear plan for the Tampa Bay region that will include tangible outcomes in the areas of:

    1. Education
    2. Economics
    3. Public and private support

 Activities that will get us there

  1. Hosting joint workshops
  2. Participating in joint grant activity
  3. Facilitating the development of a preschool curriculum for a new preschool in East Tampa
  4. Facilitating the development of a cooperative business structure
  5. Facilitating the development of more influential groups and coalitions that lead to greater influence of residents on local government decision making
  6. Identifying and securing the resources needed

In East Tampa, we can expect to see application of EI expertise and networking in early childhood development and education, with an increasing emphasis on the cooperative model. This may be launched at a recently acquired property, which the city has donated to our community partner.  It is intended to serve as a laboratory and template for the region and will function as an anchor entity and fulcrum for adding services and facilities that, will first, greatly benefit the neighborhoods nearby and, later, the neighborhoods where the needs and the opportunities are the greatest.