Norway Quality of Life



In worker-run businesses, the impact of economic downturns are distributed more equally. Cooperatives such as Mondragon prove that people before profit is a successful model that can move into high gear and large scale while keeping the needs of their members and the wider interests of the community in focus.

Mondragon serves as a reminder that the economy is a system that can be changed.

As part of the Quality of Life strategy, EI has built a partnership with Mondragon Corporation. Despite differing in their culture and history, both Norway and Mondragon have a very high quality of life. Workers have democratic control; public early education is valued; basic needs of all people are met. 

One of the objectives of this exchange is to apply the knowledge and experience acquired by Mondragon to the underserved region of East Pasco, Florida, comprised overwhelmingly of low-income people of color, migrants, and farmworkers. This will be done through action-oriented research committed to systemically reducing inequality and improving quality of life. EI also aims to share practical knowledge and applications so that other historically disadvantaged communities can also benefit.