Under this project EI will apply the knowledge and experience acquired by Mondragon to the underserved region of East Pasco, Florida, comprised overwhelmingly of low-income people of color, migrants, and farmworkers. This will be done through action-oriented research committed to systemically reducing inequality and improving quality of life.

COVID-19 has laid bare the limits to the current economic paradigm and  exacerbated the inequality inherent to the system. We have witnessed unprecedented levels of national unemployment and the near collapse of global financial markets.

In the wake of this crisis, we are challenged to find a sustainable and democratic way to not only generate wealth but strengthen communities in a way that no one is left behind. Economic justice does not exist without racial justice and environmental justice, and these require cooperative values and social cohesion more than ever before.

We have the opportunity to alter the trends of accumulation of capital and growing inequality and re-construct economic development in a way that all people are included in an democratic and fair society.

Now is the time for an alternative economic development framework.