East Tampa Academy


2017-18 School Milestones

The first year is now completed at East Tampa Academy and we have exciting results to share with you: Based on academic growth, our school is one of the better schools in the entire District!

Students were below grade level in math and reading when they entered this school year. But now, the class average is two months ABOVE grade level in math and at or above grade level in reading. This means over a year’s gain in the first year!

Highlights for East Tampa Academy this school year

  • Student attendance was very high at almost 93%
  • We were the only Title 1 Charter School to open in the District in 2017-18
  • The school received recognition through visits from school board members and assistant superintendents.
  • District Superintendent identified the school as an example of what is working for typically marginazlied student populations.

We are committed to assuring the best experience for our students.

We are very proud of our students and look forward to sharing with you more on their future successes! As we expand our activities to the next phase, we will increase our focus on social and emotional skills, providing an even more comprehensive experience for the kids! Thanks to YOU our students are thriving through your support! 

I want to make a difference!