East Pasco Initiative

What We've Done

Research repeatedly emphasizes the long-term benefits of early childhood education. In Fall 2020, the Evolution Institute worked together with local partner organizations Farmworkers Self-Help and Rez House to open the doors of East Pasco Academy in TommyTown. This was a two year process that involved the remodeling of an old building and the challenge of opening in the midst of a pandemic. East Pasco Academy (EPA) was developed to meet the needs for a quality early childcare center, and is unique to the area in that it offers a bilingual and multicultural space for all families that want a quality early learning experience. Dedicated staff have ensured that the school remains open so that parents, many without the option of working from home, have a safe place to bring their children. However, lived experience backed by studies show that immigrant families in particular face layers of structural, cultural, and bureaucratic barriers when it comes to accessing early learning. The Evolution Institute will continue to explore how the school can best serve the needs of the community and cultivate meaningful relationships of trust with families and community partners.