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Editorial Board - New York Times
In service to small-government ideology, the Trump administration proposes to cut 18% from the N.I.H.'s budget, and even more from the Department of Energy and the E.P.A.s science programs.

[Image - Malene Thyssen]
Chris Mooney - Washington Post
President Trump has moved to fill just one of 46 key science and technology positions...a Washington Post analysis has found.

[Image - Yassine hnt]

Adrienne Lafrance - The Atlantic
Now, the funding uncertainty that has chipped away at the nation’s scientific efforts for more than a decade is poised to get worse.

[Image - University of the Fraser Valley, CC BY 2.0]
Paul N. Edwards - The Conversation
The Trump transition team presented the DoE with questionnaire that starkly reminiscent of the worst excesses of ideology-driven science, seen everywhere from the U.S. Red Scare of the 1950s to the Soviet and Nazi regimes of the 1930s.
Jerry Miller - Evolution Institute article
We are seeing potentially seismic shifts in government, with growing nationalism and a future administration that has a track record of dismissing scientific evidence. Now more than ever, we need to work together if we are to make a difference. Become a partner in this effort: support the importance of scientific evidence in public policy.