We produce articles and information for people interested in policy, research, and practice.  The publications listed here reflect our efforts to produce material for interested people, policy makers, and practitioners.  See our Think Section for the academic publications on education.

Evolution and Education –  a series of articles that appeared in This View of Life, our online magazine based on our 2013 workshop:

Series on Evolutionary perspectives in Education Research, Policy, and Practice – Gabrielle Principe

Fairness by Alex Shaw

Adaptive Memory – James Nairne

Why Best Practices Don’t Spread – David Sloan Wilson

Evolutionary Perspectives on Teaching – Daniel Berch

Playful Learning – Roberta Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching and Learning about Biological Evolution – Gale Sinatra

Taming the Autonomous Learner – David Lancy

Is the Ability to Learn Language Different from the Ability to Learn Math – Peter Gray

Evolutionary Education Psychology as a Base for Instructional Design – John Sweller

The Evolved Mind in the Modern School – Dave Geary

Evolutionary Approaches to Early Education – Dave Bjorklund


From our early childhood workshop in 2008

Learning from Mother Nature about Teaching our Children: 10 Simple Truths – David Sloan Wilson


Prepared for the Early Literacy Planning Meeting held by the Suncoast United Way in 2014

Literacy Learning in the Wild – compiled by Jerry Miller

(image via pixabay)

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Published On: June 29, 2015

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