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Grandmother Fish (click to see the 4.8 star ratings on Amazon) is a child’s first book of evolution. The book engages a young child’s imagination with sounds and motions that imitate animals, especially our direct ancestors. It’s our story of where we came from, told so simply that a preschooler can follow it!

“Grandmother Fish […] is a lovely contribution to scientific literacy.” — Steven Pinker

altruismDoes Altruism Exist – From an evolutionary viewpoint, author David Sloan Wilson argues, altruism is inextricably linked to the functional organization of groups. “Groups that work” undeniably exist in nature and human society, although special conditions are required for their evolution.

“David Sloan Wilson’s special take on the evolution of altruism, and how in our species it is fortified by religion and morality, has inspired fierce debate. It is explained here in a most lively and readable manner.” — Frans de Waal

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Published On: October 16, 2015

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