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Evolution & Education: Good Behavior Game & the Challenge of Spreading Best Practices 

This webinar features Evolution Institute Scientific Advisor Dennis Embry of Paxis Institute and David Sloan Wilson of The Evolution Institute as they discuss the Good Behavior Game, its benefits, and its implications on education policy. In addition, the webinar will highlight how the Good Behavior Game illustrates important evolutionary principles and the challenges of spreading a best practice such as the Good Behavior Game, even after it is has been shown to work.

Evolution & Education: The Good Behavior Game and the Challenge of Spreading Best Practices
Slides from the presentation are available for download [HERE].

Evolution & Education: What does Evolutionary Science tell us about how to engage young minds?

About this Webinar
Dr. Gabrielle Principe discusses how we educate young children through the lens of human evolution by exploring the following questions:

  • Has the education system in the U.S. been designed in ways that gel with how children’s brains have evolved to learn? Or is there a disconnect between children’s evolutionary past and their modern human present that makes today’s formal education system, with its emphasis on classroom learning, preplanned curricula, rote memorization, and standardized assessment, that leads to unexpected side effects?
  • What are the implications of this?
  • How can we better design learning environments to support learning?
  • An evolutionary framework can provide keen insights into the sorts of instructional approaches, curricular materials, and educational contexts that best fit children’s natural dispositions and tendencies

Published On: November 20, 2015

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