The Education Initiative is a long-term commitment to identifying and evolving more viable systems for healthy human learning and education.

Think Education, Learning, and YouthWorkshops were held on various aspects of education, including youth, play, early learning, and governance strategies. Our work on risky youth behavior, led by Bruce Ellis, has a special section in Developmental Psychology; A book, Dave Geary and Dan Burch, eds., is in preparation. The Journal of Play featured several articles from our conference.

Say Sharing and Informing. A series of articles written by leading researchers in learning was published in This View of Life, our online magazine; Learning in the Wild was a brief developed for the early literacy planning efforts led by the Suncoast United Way in West Central Florida. Click here for these publications.

Do Redesigning the Learning Environment. The Regents Academy project for failing students showed highly significant impact within one year with a large effect size; Our early learning efforts are moving forward with our focus on a birth-through-8 year old center in east Tampa. Click to learn more

Published On: June 28, 2015