Robert Kurzban

Robert Kurzban is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his PhD at the University of California Santa Barbara in 1998 and received postdoctoral training at Caltech in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, UCLA Anthropology, and the University of Arizona’s Economic Science Laboratory with Vernon Smith. He investigates a wide array of topics, including morality, cooperation, friendship, mate choice, supernatural beliefs, modularity, and self-control. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Evolution and Human Behavior the Director of Undergraduate Studies in his department and the President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.


Recent Posts

December 4, 2015 in Mind

Willpower Failure: An American Tradition

Thanksgiving is a time when many Americans experience a somewhat catastrophic failure of willpower. With vast volumes of tasty food set before us, we often fail to resist temptation, eating…
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January 1, 2015 in Biology

Why Global Problems Require Evolutionary Solutions

A new paper in Science represents one of the best recent accounts of why thinking about evolutionary biology is a lot more than an academic enterprise, but actually matters for…
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December 28, 2014 in Mind

Pioneers Of Evolution: Leda Cosmides

A special series of interviews with the pioneering figures in evolutionary science.
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