Michael Hochberg

Dr. Hochberg’s research focuses on interdisciplinary applications of the evolutionary process. he is interested in how environmental conditions impact the genetics and expression of virulence, and what the implications are in areas ranging from cooperation in social groups, to the management of virulent pathogens, to population diversification and speciation. His laboratory uses a combination of mathematical modeling and experimental evolution with the system Pseduomonas fluorescens SBW25 – lytic bacteriophage PHI2.

Recent Posts

February 14, 2012 in Focus Articles

The Peacock’s Tale: Lessons from evolution for effective signaling in international politics

Daniel T. Blumstein (1), Scott Atran (2), Scott Field (3), Michael E. Hochberg (4), Dominic D. P. Johnson (5), Raphael Sagarin (6), Richard Sosis (7), and Bradley Thayer (8) 1)Department…
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