Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan’s personal interest is in showing how understanding morality as an evolutionary adaptation can be culturally useful. His goal for TVOL’s Morality section is to promote a cross-disciplinary view of morality by presenting in one place literature from all the diverse disciplines required to first understand the science of morality and then to understand how that science could be culturally useful. He has degrees in engineering and physics and has had a career in the aerospace industry in the design of new aircraft ranging from commercial transports to vertical takeoff and landing fighter jets.

Recent Posts

February 11, 2014 in Morality

Mainstream science of morality contradicts Sam Harris’ central claim

TVOL Morality Associate Editor Mark Sloan’s entry in The Moral Landscape Challenge contest argues mainstream science of morality contradicts Sam Harris’ central claim. This science identifies the universal function of…
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September 5, 2013 in Morality

Would Abandoning Moral Foundations Make For A Better Society?

Are there ‘bad’ kinds of moralizing?Are there ‘bad’ kinds of moralizing? If so, does understanding morality as the product of evolutionary processes (of the biological and cultural kind) reveal why…
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