Jonathan H. Turner

Jonathan H. Turner is primarily a general theorist. He seeks to integrate existing theories in order to produce more robust, comprehensive, and thus general explanatory theories. He is committed to making sociology a hard science, like any other natural science in which theoretical explanations are developed that explain basic dynamic forces of the universe that operate in all times and places. In addition to his theoretical work, he has substantive interests in such subfields as stratification, ethnic discrimination, institutions, bio- or evolutionary sociology, sociology of emotions, interaction processes, history of ideas, formal theory construction and modeling, neurology as it affects emotional arousal and interpersonal behavior. He has been at UCR since 1969.

He the author or coauthor of some 35 books and another 7 edited books. He has published a little less than 200 articles and chapters, mostly on theoretical sociology but also in his areas of specialized interests. Among his most recent books is his three-volume Theoretical Principles of Sociology, which develops abstract laws and principles of the operative dynamics of the macro-, meso-, and micro-level social universes. His books have been translated into twelve languages. He is now working on three other books that will go into press in 2012: Contemporary Sociological Theory, Theoretical Sociology: From 1830 to the Present, and Twenty lectures on Ten Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology. Also, a short monograph on The Problem of Ethnic Discrimination in America will also be published in 2012.

He has been Faculty Research Lecture in the University of California and recently was named the 38th University Professor since 1960 in the University of California System.

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