Gin Kohl Lieberman

Gin Lieberman has been involved with the Evolution Institute since its inception – assisting with the necessary paperwork for incorporation and non-profit status. She has served as Project Resource Manager for EI and interim editor of TVOL. Before she retired, Gin was an educator: First teaching high school biology and chemistry and later university courses such as Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, and Writing for the Mass Media. Gin’s undergraduate degree is in biology, her master’s is in journalism studies, and has a doctorate in communication with a cognate in moral and political philosophy.

Recent Posts

August 20, 2021 in Economy, Psychology

The Capacity to Forge Highly Cooperative Institutions: Collaboration Emerges between Mondragon University and the Evolution Institute

From infancy through adulthood, humans demonstrate a predisposition to be prosocial and develop an understanding that collaborative efforts deserve a fair distribution of rewards. This is attributed to the dynamic…
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June 2, 2014 in Blogs

The History and Future of Norway’s Cultural Ethos and Political Practice

Norwegians Enlist EI to Help Preserve the Norwegian Model for Quality of Life Standards.
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