Amanda Dettmer

Dr. Amanda M. Dettmer is a primate neuroscientist who examines the early life organization of risk and resilience to health disparities across the life span, with a particular focus on stress sensitivity as a mediator. She studies rhesus macaque models of human development to answer questions from a translational perspective, and to understand human traits in an evolutionary context. Her research centers around three themes: 1) the roles of chronic hormones, maternal traits, and group dynamics on predictors of optimal and suboptimal infant and adolescent development; 2) the long-term hormonal and behavioral changes that occur in the transition to motherhood, as well as in the transition from primiparity (one infant) to multiparity (multiple infants); and 3) identification of genetic and physiological predictors of, and potential interventions for the treatment of, neuropathologies throughout the lifespan.

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