Allison Hopper

Allison Hopper is a science communicator with a master’s degree in educational design from NYU. Early in her career, she worked on PBS documentaries. More recently, she’s been creating content for young people on the topic of evolution. She has presented on evolution at the Big History Conference in Amsterdam and Chautauqua, among other places. Learn more about Allison and her projects on her website:

Her documentary, Human Evolution and You! will be screened Fall 2022 at a Children’s Film Festival.
Scientific American recently published her piece: Race, Evolution and the Science of Human Origins 


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October 6, 2021 in Education

Evolution for Young People: Going Beyond Fossils and Spears

Many of us feel trapped in a doomsday narrative where our species is defined by hunting, killing, war and destruction. Part of this narrative of violence is rooted in the…
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