Past Projects
The Sudd wetland is one of the world’s most unique and valuable ecosystems.
The Sudd is threatened by a variety of development pressures, ranging from small-scale drainage and water diversion to a plan to almost completely drain the wetland for agriculture downstream. These pressures illustrate how economic and political drivers can lead to the destruction of a valuable and irreplaceable ecosystem and culture.
A collaborative research workshop held on Oct 31-Nov 2, 2010 at the University of Arizona.
Understanding the evolutionary functions of adolescence is critical to explaining why adolescents engage in risky behavior. Successful intervention depends on working with, instead of against, adolescent goals and motivations.
Bringing together scientists to consider the problem of evolutionary mismatch in all its complexity
Natural selection adapts organisms to their past environments and has no ability to foresee the future. When the environment changes, adaptations to past environments can misfire, producing a mismatch that can only be solved by subsequent evolution or by modifying the current environment.
New Opportunities at the Intersection of Evolution and Medicine
This workshop was held to identify new opportunities in the field of evolutionary medicine by joining leaders in the field of evolutionary medicine with CEOs, venture capitalists, and social entrepreneurs.
To create a permanent framework for examining the ethical implications of policy
This workshop brought evolutionary authorities together with ethicists to consider the implications of modern evolutionary science for the formulation of ethical public policies. It reviewed the history of evolutionary ethics and explored its relevance on contemporary issues such as sex discrimination, the environment, and social equality.