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“The Evolution Institute is a bold and imaginative way to place the central issues of evolution-crucial to biology and to human self-understanding-into the mainstream of public affairs.”
-Edward O. Wilson
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Early Childhood Learning Centre
Your donations support improving the quality of life one child at a time. Learn more >
Featured Project
Saving the Sudd Wetlands
Amidst the chaos of war, if properly managed, the Sudd could provide sustainable income, and jobs indefinitely. Learn more >
Featured Project
SESHAT: The Global History Databank
Your donations support a deeper understanding of human history. Learn more >
“Evolution is among the most powerful and unifying ideas in all of human inquiry, but its usefulness has been hidden under layers of moralistic fear painted on by the left and the right. The Evolution Institute is trying to strip away those fears by showing that evolutionary processes are happening all around us, and that evolutionary thinking can guide us to deeper insights and more humane policies and institutions.”
-Jonathan Haidt