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Pioneers Of Evolution: Martin Daly
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EDITOR’ S NOTE: Future installments from “On the Origin of HBES: An Oral History Project” will debut every Monday for the next 12-15 weeks and will include interviews with, among others: Irv DeVore, Mark Flinn, Sarah Hrdy, Bill Irons, Doug Kenrick, Bobbi Low, Steve Pinker, Pete Richerson, Don Symons, Randy Thornhill, John Tooby, D.S. Wilson.

This week’s entry in On the Origin of Human Behavior and Evolution Society: An Oral History is our interview with Martin Daly, a past-President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (1991-1993) and the co-author of many influential papers and several books (Sex, Evolution and Behavior, Homicide, The Truth about Cinderella), many co-authored with the late Margo Wilson. He has been elected to the executive committees of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Society for Behavioral Ecology, and has been the recipient of fellowships from the J.S. Guggenheim Foundation, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1998, he and Margo were elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. His research topics range from the behavioral ecology of desert rodents to evolutionary perspectives on risk-taking and interpersonal violence, particularly male-male conflict and family violence. I must disclose that Martin was also my long-suffering PhD advisor and I was particularly influenced by the work he and Margo did on discriminative parental solicitude.

Martin retired from McMaster University (1978-2010) and in 2012 joined the Anthropology Department at the University of Missouri where he is focusing his research attention on the role of inequity in access to resources in escalating male-male competition and resulting homicide rates. This interview will give you some insight into how Martin went from desert rodents to the epidemiology of familial and young male violence (including that we’re all just critters), the pre-HBES days, why inequity matters, advice for current graduate students, and more.

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