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Marketing Evolution Webinar: It's the List, Stupid!
Business Webinar
Robert Kadar
Robert Kadar
is founding editor of This View of Life and the co-founder of Evonomics.
David Sloan Wilson
David Sloan Wilson
is the SUNY Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University and Arne Næss Chair in Global Justice and the Environment at the University of Oslo

“It’s the List, Stupid!”
Robert Kadar gives an overview of his tried-and-tested methods for building audiences. He will also explain what “It’s the List, Stupid!” means and why it’s key to building successful organizations.

Marketing Evolution: It’s the List, Stupid!
on Vimeo.

Robert Kadar founded This View of Life in 2012 in cooperation with The Evolution Institute. He currently serves as founding editor of Evonomics (also in partnership with the EI). For the last several years he’s worked in media, publishing, and marketing. In 2013, he published Great Adaptations, the evolution children’s book which raised approximately $52,000 on Kickstarter. The book is still recognized as one of the top 20 most funded children’s book on Kickstarter. He worked at St. John’s University’s Office of Marketing and Communications as a Web Producer, and is currently the Director of Communications at Cardozo Law School. His work includes growing the university’s presence on all social media channels, running advertising campaigns to attract prospective students and alumni gifts, and managing and publishing content on a daily basis. When he’s not at his day job, he spends time growing Evonomics which currently receives a quarter million + pageviews a month.

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