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Interview: Richard Dawkins Celebrates Reason, Ridicules Faith

Last Thursday, I spoke with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in a recorded interview at the NPR studios in Washington, D.C. That meeting was suggested by the American arm of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, in the wake of a post I wrote here at 13.7 last month.

In my original post, I questioned whether Dawkins was the best choice to be headline speaker at the March 24 Reason Rally in Washington, given that one of its goals was to change negative stereotypes about atheists.

Dawkins arrived at the interview not having read my post, which I found odd given that the Foundation had sought our meeting based on my writing. But we went on to have a cordial 23-minute conversation that I hope you will listen to in its entirety

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  1. Patrik Lindenfors says:

    Its so incredibly disappointing to realize that this site is more about Dawkins-bashing than about science.

  2. David Sloan Wilson says:

    Please! This magazine is so much more than about Dawkins. This particular article includes a respectful interview with Dawkins by a respected anthropologist, who disagrees with him in a civil way. Does ANY disagreement with Dawkins constitute “bashing”?