Why We Exist

We solve real world

problems with science. 

The Evolution Institute is a non-profit think tank with a global presence. Our mission is to provide science-based solutions for today's most pressing social issues in order to improve quality of life.

The Evolution Institute is different from other nonprofits and think tanks.

Where others are counseled to have a single focus, the EI is capable of applying a single theoretical framework – evolution – to all major policy issues at all scales, from neighborhoods to nations to world history.


Building relationships locally to understand and improve educational, social and economic conditions at the community level.


Understanding and improving how nations approach social and economic problems and how to apply this knowledge to other locations.

World History

Building a historical database to investigate and research the evolution of social, political, and economics processes.

Our Impact

Together with you, we’re improving people’s lives with science. Read our 2018 Impact Report. 

Our Approach

We're a think tank that doesn't just think

We Think

We undertake original research, hold workshops with leading scientists and practitioners from around the globe, we publish in leading journals to share information and to advance the sciences, and we build scientific databanks.

We Say

Information is meant to be shared. Through our online magazine, webinars, and special publications the voices of science are heard in an effort to influence policy and program decisions that can lead to a better quality of life.

We Do

We work in collaboration with leading scientists, practitioners, and community members to create meaningful and impactful projects that demonstrate the value of applied science.

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Improving quality of life with science.