The Evolution Institute has received endorsements from a wide-ranging group of biologists, social scientists, economists, and philanthropists who are foremost in their fields.

Evolution is among the most powerful and unifying ideas in all of human inquiry, but its usefulness has been hidden under layers of moralistic fear painted on by the left and the right. The Evolution Institute is trying to strip away those fears by showing that evolutionary processes are happening all around us, and that evolutionary thinking can guide us to deeper insights and more humane policies and institutions.

Jonathan HaidtNYU-Stern School of Business, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, and EI Scientific Advisory Board Member

Darwin developed his concept of evolution for the purpose of understanding the forms of animals and plants. But it has subsequently become clear that the concept of evolution is also illuminating for understanding human societies and human behavior. The Evolution Institute is taking the initiative to unify, implement, and communicate these more recent efforts. This important initiative deserves support.

Jared DiamondGeographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs and Steel, Collapse, and The World Until Yesterday

The Evolution Institute is a bold and imaginative way to place the central issues of evolution–crucial to biology and to human self-understanding–into the mainstream of public affairs.

E.O. WilsonProfessor Emeritus, Harvard University, twice Pulitzer Prize winner, author of Sociobiology, Consilience, and Social Conquest of Earth

By our numbers and collective behaviors, we have entered into an unsustainable relationship with our planetary home and other life forms. The Evolution Institute offers a promising start for the thinking needed to avoid early extinction of our species and most of life. This effort deserves full support if we truly care for the future.

George RabbPresident Emeritus of the Chicago Zoological Society and former Director of the Brookfield Zoo

Change is a constant in human life, but the systematic study of how it works has been fully developed only in the biological sciences, where it has been famously said that nothing makes sense except in light of evolution. The insights that biologists have to offer to others studying change in economics and in human society are important, and the EI is the first think tank devoted to making that happen.

Bernard WinogradRetired COO, U.S., Prudential Financial, Investor and Philanthropist.