Does Altruism Exist? A Short Introduction to a New Synthesis
The study of altruism... is needed to improve the quality of life at all scales, from the development of a single child to the global economy and environment.
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International Relations in a Time of Accelerating Dynamic Instability by Lawrence Husick (Foreign Policy Institute)

“Professor Peter Turchin, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Connecticut has attempted to apply the analytical tools of evolutionary science to explain the demographic cycles that contribute to political instability and the breakdown of states that lead to wars.”

Historians of the Future Discuss “Earthquake Zones” of Societies (in Russian)
The Evolution Institute connects the world of evolutionary science to the world of public policy formulation.
We bring evolutionary experts together with other experts for a respectful and constructive dialogue, resulting in a new agenda for basic scientific research, policy formulation, and policy implementation.
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